Artists Who Will be Making Waves in 2023


Artists Who Will be Making Waves in 2023


Ice Spice, Photo Credits: Audible Treats

As 2022 ends it’s time to look forward at the artists who will be making waves in 2023. Some of these artists include Ice Spice and Eem Tripplin. Read below for more artists you’ll be hearing a lot more of from in the new year. 

Ice Spice

Quotable, cool, and effortlessly viral, Ice Spice emerged in the summer of 2022 and took the world by storm. She lit a spark in the Bronx and beyond with her song “Munch (Feelin U)” this year. This is an infectious and endlessly memeable banger that pointed to a fresh new path for NYC drill. Viral on TikTok (592k video creations) and other platforms, “Munch” racked up over 50 million streams across platforms. Along with that it reached the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. It also earned shoutouts from stars like Cardi B and Meek Mill.

Following the release of “Munch” came the buoyant single “Bikini Bottom.” Again, she received a numerous amount of streams with “Bikini Bottom.” With plaudits from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone (both of whom listed “Munch” in their “Best Songs of 2022” lists), The New York Times, and The Washington Post. She also received features in Rolling StoneNYLON, and Interview Mag. It is without a doubt that Ice Spice has something special going on. The best part, this is just the beginning.

CEO Trayle

CEO Trayle, Photo Credits: Audible Treats

Trayle cuts a singular, shadowy figure in the world of Atlanta rap. Along with that comes his smooth delivery and an ever-present grin on his lips As he approaches immersive instrumentals from odd angels, he does so while delivering conversational verses with sly humor. Across his series of Happy Halloween mixtapes, the rapper positions himself as a villainous figure, menacing his opposition even as he charms listeners into rooting for him. Following up the EP Vier, which earned praise from The FADERHH5 is Trayle’s most acclaimed project to date, earning the coveted Best New Music label from Pitchfork. Trayle is an artist who will continue to evolve in 2023.

Rich Amiri

Rich Amiri, Photo Credits: Audible Treats

Amiri first emerged on SoundCloud, rhyming over far-out and atmospheric plugg instrumentals with a velvety voice. His voice evokes stars of R&B’s past. He first earned recognition with his 2021 song “Never Fail,” which surpassed 2.7 million plays on SoundCloud. Amiri struck again late last year with his percolating hit “Walk In.” In June he shared For The Better, an astonishingly infectious debut project that featured Internet Money production and features appearances from fellow rising project that featured internet Money Production and featured appearances from fellow rising stars. Some of those stars include Summrs and Jaydes. The Boston native continued in 2022 with the imperial single “Can’t Die,” which earned more than 1 million Spotify streams. Rich Amiri shifted gears when he released the romantic “Dirty Money” to close out the year.


MIA GLADDSTONE, Photo Credits: Audible Treats

GLADSTONE marches to the beat of drums that she’s programmed herself. She blends elements of hip-hop, DnB, R&B, and more into ever shifting, as well as her harmonious sonic realm. Her songs change rhythms and modulate keys with ease, creating an unpredictable and fascinating atmosphere for her otherworldly harmonies and incisive lyrics. Her lyrics take a critical look at the fractured communication of the digital world. The North Carolina-based artist released her third project Loopy, in 2023, welcoming kindred spirits like Teezo Touchdown, Matt Martians, and Lance Skiiiwalker into her idiosyncratic world.

The cumulation of a three-year journey as a human exploring gender, sex, identity, fluidity, social media, the mind, and more, Loopy finds the artist leaning into the idiosyncrasies that make her music so powerful. Written in its entirely by MIA GLADSTONE, who also had a hand in the production of each of the project’s track, Loopy establishes GLADSTONE as a vital artist. Furthermore she is one of the most creative producers in music today and will be in 2023. 

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