Magnum Photos 70th Year Anniversary: P r o t e s t !

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P r o t e s t !


“Photography cannot change the world but it can show the world, especially when it changes”

-Marc Riboud

The Main Image of this exhibit by Marc Riboud 1967






Last night at Milk ( June 20th 2017), we had a look through the Magnum’s archive at photographs of protest from the 1930s to the present day. These images presented to the audience covered the early days of segregation, through protests and rallies, as well as individual’s behaviors that would help lead to empowerment. One piece that touch me, was the educating of illiterate African Americans to make them find the inner strength to go vote.

_7030 _7034 _7039 _7050 _7051 _7062   vote

These images to me where creative works that was captured by activists and social movements. There was also contemporary and historical images for the audience to take in with their glass of wine.  The Milk gallery presented demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience via images that documented signs, banners, and posters, used to convey the cause or message of the struggle and the time.

“Sometimes change doesn’t occur immediately or directly but I am in absolutely no doubt that photography has in the past and will in the future serve to initiate change.” – Stuart Franklin—Magnum Photo

_6988 _6993 _6997 _7013


_6998 _7011

The impact of a protest isn’t always easily to understand. However,  some social up rising have resulted in immediate change.  What any good protest should do and what I felt from viewing this exhibition was the spread of  popular consciousness and awareness. Sadly, as we know not all protest and social strain make any substantial dent on the status quo. But there’s no doubt that the freedom to express one’s beliefs in a peaceful manner, without fear, is a necessary part of democracy. Now More Than Ever!!!

 Editor Favorite Image


_6972 _6974 _6978 _6982 _6983

The aim of the protest photography at the showcase, was to tell the story of outrage and injustice through the emotion of the participants via film. It is so easy to be an observer and not standing and marching with demonstrators.


As a photographer myself, I felt as if the photographer(s) sympathized and understood with the protesters in some way. I mean how else do you tell the mass public of protest and protesters if you yourself  are blind to the injustice.

_7016 _7020 _7024

996c1dd877ed908213200452fcc13c09 b70e1c658be60200a785136b36b59057 Iran_Rev39

CHINA. Beijing. Tien An Men Square. 1989.
AFRICA. Congo. Katanga. Elizabethville. Katangese soldiers supposedly clearing out rioters but taking the opportunity to rifle butt members of different tribes. 1961.
USA. 1963. The South.

PAR94983 rosen3 untitled-article-1455633850-body-image-1455634041

Above Magnum Photography Credit:

Bob Henriques

Bruce Davidson

Chris Stelle-Perkins

Christopher Anderson

Eve Arnold

Dennis Stock

Eli Reed

Leonard Freed

Jerome Sessini

Ian Berry

Hiroji Kubota

Matt Black

Michael Christopher Brown

Moises Saman

Raymond Depardon

Start Franklin

Thomas Dworzak


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Magnum Photos 70th Year Anniversary:  P r o t e s t !