The Life of a Up and Coming Fashion Designer

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A Day in the Life

Happy Holidays, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I wanted to shed light on what it is like to be a up and coming designer. I always blog about up and coming designers. Whom I feel is going to be the next big impact on the fashion industry. I am actually an up and coming fashion designer myself.

Let me start with a small background on myself. I am a third year fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am in the intimate apparel concentration. So I am going to be mainly designing on lingerie. As a fashion design student we are expected to draw, sew, be proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and even Microsoft Office. Many companies use excel to communicate the garment’s points of measurements and specs to the over seas factories.

Although fashion is very glamorous, it takes blood sweat and tears to create that beautiful result. Producing a collection at New York Fashion Week, takes an amazing team and a lot of money. Sometimes these designers you think are living it up are actually broke and put everything they make right back into the company to produce the next collection. Many up and coming designers want to start their own business and produce their own designs with their name on it. With a great business partner or knowing the business it is more possible to reach success. Many designers fail without the business knowledge.

To conclude, I want to share my fashion artwork with you all. I render with ink, watercolor paint, marker, and digital drawing on Photoshop. Hopefully some day soon, I will be in the industry working a job that I love and later starting my own small business.

Follow my journey on Instagram @nori.wi and @nawi.designs (My design page).

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The Life of a Up and Coming Fashion Designer