My Music & Me Series: Mikel Jeanine

Via Mikel Jeanine's official instagram.

My Music & Me Series: Mikel Jeanine

Photo via Mikel Jeanine’s official instagram.

Plenty of artists are making their way to the their pinnacle of success by sharing all that they have to offer with listeners across the world. As they truly hone in on their crafts, they allow room for their music to cater to an array of people through distinct sounds—healing the world in more ways than one. The My Music & Me Series is here to encourage artists from all over to continue going through their journeys of being a music maker, while also putting up and coming artists on the map. In today’s feature, we have singer and songwriter Mikel Jeanine from New York as our first guest to officially kick off this series with her presence! Check out our interview with Mikel below as she dishes out all things music, inspiration, and goals for her career. 

Hi Mikel! It’s so good to finally chat with you, how have you been especially during this time? COVID-19 has certainly played a significant role in rerouting many paths, would you say this has been the case for you as well?

Hey, thanks so much for having me. I’ve been well, just taking life day by day and I’m grateful to be here. COVID-19 has definitely rerouted my path. I graduated college in the middle of the pandemic. After college, my plan was to start my career in corporate America and work within the field I received my Bachelor’s in (Communications). Unfortunately, it was extremely hard for me, as I’m sure it is for everyone else, to get a job within the field I studied for because of COVID. COVID put a pause on my life so I was able to finally process my emotions and that’s why I was able to complete my EP “Burning Bridges.”

Watching your growth as an artist is truly inspiring. What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far as a singer?

Thank you so much. The most rewarding part of my journey so far, is the fact that I released my music after years of not believing in myself. I started out posting covers on Instagram but I didn’t have the courage to share my experiences, so I’m happy that I finally put myself out there. The accomplishment is my reward. 

Let’s talk “Burning Bridges.” What was the inspiration behind the name for this EP?

“Burning Bridges” was inspired by a previous relationship of mine. To burn a bridge in a relationship means to say or do things that reduce any possibility of the relationship returning to its natural state. “Burning Bridges” is a story. “Burning Bridges” is my story and my perspective of the previous relationship of mine. 

How did everything go in terms of your EP release, it was released on your birthday, right? What was the atmosphere like and the response from your guests?

The release was actually very smooth. This is my first time releasing music, so I was extremely anxious the entire week. I was praying that everything went well and it did so thank GOD. “Burning Bridges” was released on my birthday, October 15th. My EP release party was dope. I invited all the people whom I truly cherish and value in my life. There was nothing but great energy in the building. I was surrounded by love and support and I could feel it. I would’ve cried because of how happy I was but I was already cried out as I’d been crying the entire week because of my anxiety. Everyone loved the project and I am truly grateful and humbled. It’s an amazing feeling to receive positive feedback on your art. 

How long did it take to complete the project?

“Burning Bridges” was completed in 6 months. It’s a lot of work to create a project by yourself, but I did it. I produced, mixed, mastered, wrote, and performed by myself with the exception of Mistakes which has my family singing background vocals. Though it took me a year to plan, the puzzle was pieced in 6 months. 

Who are your 5 favorite artists of all time?

Brandy, Tamia, Bruno Mars, Joe, and Prince. I have so many favorites so I’d like to also mention Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. 

Do you remember what age you began singing?

I started singing as soon as I could talk. At 4 years old, I attended my first concert ever which was Prince. I remember screaming Prince’s name at the top of my lungs, feeling so inspired and my mom reminds me of that memory. That inspiration turned into performing for anyone who wanted to be entertained. From there, I started a music program called “Young Musician’s Institute” now known as “Prodigy School of the Arts” around 6 years old and they started training me to sing professionally as well as teaching me how to play instruments like the glockenspiel, recorder, piano, and violin.

What can listeners expect next? Any performances lined up? Anything else in the works?

Listeners can definitely expect more music from me in the near future. A lot of content creation in the works. I don’t have any performances lined up as of yet but I do plan to perform very soon whether that be an IG Live performance or an open mic. I am also about to start up my Youtube channel which will showcase more of my personality and everyday life. Please subscribe to “Mikel Jeanine ” on Youtube. Also, please stream the “Burning Bridges” EP. I worked so hard on this project and I hope you all can relate and enjoy it. You can find me on Instagram @thewestasianprincess. Thanks so much again for having me.

You heard it here first! Be sure to stay up to date with Mikel Jeanine on her social platforms, and don’t forget to stream her first ever EP, Burning Bridges here.

Image credit: Mikel Jeanine

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