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  • Model Monday’s: Imena de Barros

    There are some people that you know are born to become great models, Imena de Barros is one of them. She...

    BeautyVincent LaneApril 24, 2017
  • Model Monday’s: w/ Nejilka Arias

    Nejilka Arias in my opinion is a model that i would definitely like to see on the cover of Vogue Magazine...

    BeautyVincent LaneApril 17, 2017
  • Model Monday’s: Héloise Guérin

    Héloise is an amazing model and has some of the best images I’ve seen so far. Represented by Women Management, Héloise has...

    BeautyVincent LaneApril 10, 2017
  • Model Monday’s: Fredrique Wills

    We start of the year 2017 by highlighting someone who has been working hard and getting himself into numerous shows and...

    UncategorizedVincent LaneJanuary 9, 2017