A 360° Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace

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2020 has proven a turbulent year, possibly more worthy of planning for future travels as opposed to taking them in the present. There are different ways of researching and planning out future trips in the hopes of better days, but it can be difficult to engage and blend your mind with a place you aren’t currently able to be. Looking at 2d images is obviously the classic way of getting an idea of what a place might be like, but what about 360° pictures? Thanks to Royal.uk, it’s possible to take a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace on the chance that you might someday want to visit. In fact, after taking the tour, you might even think it’d be a great companion as you explored the compound.

Throne Room Example
Throne Room Info

On the tour you are given the option of visiting the Throne Room, Grand Staircase, and the White Drawing Room. By either dragging your cursor over the image or by using the arrows at the bottom of the frame, you can drag the picture around to see the 360° shot of each particular room. After coming across an object of interest, one can click on the little information bubble to learn more about said object. For example, there is a painting of Queen Elizabeth II with four of her dogs in the throne room. It was rather eye catching considering most old fashioned portrait photos don’t usually include dachshunds and corgis. Upon clicking the info bubble, you can find out about the portrait’s history and what it specifically depicts. Furthermore, there’s a “learn more” section that takes visitors to an article and longer description behind the portrait.

White Room
Grand Staircase

The virtual tour of Buckingham Palace is quite simple, but it does its job in being useful. It’s a good way to figure out if Buckingham Palace would be a reason worth visiting London in the future and a good companion if you choose to go there. Nonetheless, finding new and interactive ways to interact with travel opportunities in 2020 is a great way to keep your travel bone flexed and excited for future endeavors. 


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