Meet Miss Earth 2020: Environmental Activist Lindsey Coffey

Meet Miss Earth 2020: Environmental Activist Lindsey Coffey

By: Caitlyn Garrity / April 13, 2021

A True Pageant Queen and Activist: Lindsey Coffee

Growing up, she had always loved the planet. Lindsey Coffey, 28, took trips to different countries like Zimbabwe to experience new environments, climates and cultures. With a degree in political science and fire to help the beautiful nature and environment around her, Coffee entered the runnings for Miss Earth 2020.

Coffey became the first American to win the title of Miss Earth.

Photo of Lindsey Coffey at the award ceremony for Miss Earth 2020

Photo via @lindseymariecoffee on Instagram

Coffey is signed with a multitude of agencies as a professional model but what sets her apart from her colleagues is her extensive background in environmental activism and her everlasting passion for the planet.

Lindsey Coffey’s Advocacy: Water Crisis, Restoration and Pollution

In Coffey’s biography for Miss Earth USA 2020, she details some of the driving causes that are near and dear to her heart. She told Miss Earth, “We are facing many environmental issues today; however, the water crisis poses the most immediate risk as it affects humanity and regional stability.”

Along with a passion for getting clean water to humanity and supporting the habitat around it, she also promotes and educates on social media about various environmental concerns. Eco-tourism, restoration of farming, community work and just plain old education so that the public knows the dangers of not taking action for our climate.

Photo of Lindsey Coffey picking up trash

Photo credit Aaron King

As Miss Earth, Coffey gets to do what she loves most, travel. By traveling sustainably, Coffey gets to experience and educate herself on different climates and different issues places around the globe are facing.

Photo of Lindsey Coffey in Mexico with a lush background

Photo via @lindseymariecoffey on Instagram

Coffey is involved with various professional environmental organizations like The Humane Society and Food For Life Global. She is a Climate Reality Leader, WWF Ambassador and works with Clean Ways, Greenpeace International, Adopt-a-Highway, Keep Orlando Beautiful and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, all in efforts to make our Earth the beautiful habitat it should be.

Photo of Lindsey Coffey

Photo via @lindseymariecoffey on Instagram

If that was not impressive, Coffey has also been a vegetarian for over 20 years due to her love and connection with animals.

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An activist like Coffey is never resting and always getting involved with their cause to help better our planet. That being said, while we have seen many great projects and shoots from Coffey, she is constantly doing more.

Photo of Lindsey Coffey working alongside friends to pick up trash along a beach

Photo via @lindseymariecoffey on Instagram

You can keep with Coffey on Instagram which is a reflection of who Coffey is and what she represents; A combination of professional photos and sexy shoots with flicks from her various adventures and ways she gets involved to help the world around us.

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