Alessi 3909 Kettle By Virgil Abloh

Alessi 3909 Kettle By Virgil Abloh

About Alessi

Alessi is an Italian company founded in Omegna in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi. The company focuses on tableware, kitchen accessories, barware & wine accessories, homeware, lifestyle, and more! Their products evoke their values of inspiration, memories, and creativity. As Alberto Alessi says, “A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking.” Their goal is to express international creativity in ordinary objects. Quality is a very important value to the company and has been since 1921 when the company was established. They set high standards for both the materials they choose and the process in which they make the products. The thoughtfully plan and execute each item with attention to detail. Furthermore, the company became a Benefit Company in 2020, meaning they seek and value goals that are responsible, sustainable, ethical, and honest.

3909 Kettle by Virgil Abloh Securities

With Virgil Abloh Securities, Alessi has taken design to a whole new level. The company has collaborated with over three hundred well-known designers and architects, but this collaboration is quite special. This collaboration differs from their typical products, as it focuses more on mechanics than elegance, allowing the company to take a completely new approach to design. The company will release the newest 3909 kettle this month from this collaboration.

The inspiration comes from a previous collaboration with Michael Graves in 1985. The kettle includes a silhouette of an athlete dunking a basketball. This fresh vision takes an ordinary object, connects it to pop culture and sports, and gives it meaning that can create memories, inspire, and surprise. The CEO of the company, Daniel Talens, shared, “This new kettle, for me, is a tipping point for Alessi. It’s the first time in the company’s history that we have reinterpreted an Alessi icon.” Make sure to go check out Alessi products and this new collaboration!

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