Vaccinated Or Not, Should I Be Concerned About The Delta Variant?

The CDC has widely identified the new delta variant, as a strong 'variant of concern'

Vaccinated Or Not, Should I Be Concerned About The Delta Variant?


It’s been a little over a year since Coronavirus dominated the headlines of every nation. Here we are, in the midst of yet another danger zone from the same source. Just when we all thought that COVID-19 had taken its turn and given us our lives back, Corona has brought a friend, the Delta Variant, that seems to be more transmissible. It has already caused the ruination of the unvaccinated in over 77 countries and regions.

A Variant of Concern

The Delta Variant was originally discovered in India as a massive outpouring in cases. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention had considered Delta another “variant of concern”. CDC has already identified that variants of concern require more attention, “Such as notification to WHO under the International Health Regulations, reporting to CDC, local or regional efforts to control spread, increased testing, or research to determine the effectiveness of vaccines and treatments against the variant.”

If You’re Vaccinated

If you have been vaccinated, you may think that you are in good standing with Corona’s friend Delta. After all, vaccination rates throughout the nation have demonstrated that our immune systems after vaccinations like Pfizer and Moderna are substantial. Even getting partially vaccinated could guarantee protection.

However, more recent studies have shifted the expectation for these vaccinations. According to, Public Health England, “one dose of COVID-19 vaccine—specifically Pfizer and AstraZeneca—can not withstand the delta variant.” This portrays the idea that those with one dose will not prevent symptomatic cases of the variant,  but will instead decrease their chances of safety.

Dr. Catherine Schuster, a UK health reporter for Insider, said it best, “For those who get full protection the first time around, the second shot improves the quality of the immune response and its durability. For the people who don’t get full protection with the first shot, some will get full protection after the second dose. Some people won’t ever get full protection from a vaccine because their immune system doesn’t respond at all.”

If You’re Not Vaccinated

If you have not been vaccinated, you don’t stand a chance at receiving Deltas’ grace. The unvaccinated now appears to be at an even higher risk of hospitalization or death.  This new ‘variant of concern’ has already surpassed its highly transmissible cousin, the alpha variant. It spreads about two times faster than Corona herself. As long as people go unvaccinated, more and more variants of Corona will continue to appear. The variant has already upgraded itself to “Delta Plus”,  where it has already begun to develop multiple mutations.

As the Delta Variant continues to progress, there is simply no way to prevent it from entering multiple parts of the U.S. Wherever it is that you stand in this race to end COVID and its gang of variants, the solution is to simply get two strong doses of COVID vaccinations or get vaccinated period.

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