The Best and Only Hair Oil You’ll Ever Need!

The Best and Only Hair Oil You’ll Ever Need!

Using oils on your hair is the best way to promote growth, and hydration. The best oil I’ve encountered so far has been the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil, $46. It works on all types of hair and repairs dryness, increases shine and reduces damage, split ends and breakage. I’ve had a lot of damage to hair ever since I dyed it and using this oil has helped my curls go back to their healthy bounce.

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The number one ingredient found in the oil is Mirsalehi Honey which is a natural moisturizer that gets you to healthy, strong and shiny hair.


Negin Mirsalehi, influencer and founder of the brand, Gisou has countless amount of  honey hair products that works wonders on your hair as well. Gisou’s products are now available on Sephora, Revolve and

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