Netflix Signs Another Director Deal

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On Feb. 19, Deadline reported that Netflix signed an exclusive deal with Welsh director Gareth Evans. Evans previously worked with the company on horror film “Apostle”. Following the “Apostle,” Netflix decided that Evans’s directing style was a “perfect fit” for their work.

Evans filmed “Apostle” entirely in Wales. The film starred Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen and Lucy Boynton. Netflix released the movie in 2018. He previously directed “Merantau” and the “The Raids” 1 and 2. The three films focus on the Indonesian martial art of pencak silat.

Since filming “Apostle,” Evans helped co-create British television show “Gangs of London” for AMC and Sky Atlantic. Released in April 2020, the modern-day show witnesses the power dynamics of international gangs. While he created the show, Evans also directed two of the season’s nine episodes.

The first film that Evans will work on under this exclusive deal with Netflix, “Havoc,” will star Tom Hardy. According to Deadline’s article, Netflix held off on announcing the deal until Hardy confirmed his role in the movie. While it is unconfirmed how long the deal will last, it is apparent that “Havoc” will be the first of many films the come out of it.

Based on its description, “Havoc” will be similar to Sam Hargrave’s “Extraction”. The 2020 Chris Evans film followed a mercenary charged with saving a young boy from his kidnappers. “Havoc” will follow a detective as he saves a politician’s son. In the process, he will discover how corrupt the city has become.

Hardy recently played Al Capone in 2020’s “Capone”. Josh Trank, best known for his rendition of “Fantastic Four,” directed and wrote “Capone,” a biopic of the infamous gangster. Hardy’s work in “The Revenant” earned him an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor in 2016. Hardy’s film “Venom: Let There be Carnage” comes out in June 2021.



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Netflix Signs Another Director Deal