Turning Down Coffee With a Socialite: The Time I Met Emma Snowdon-Jones and Didn’t Realize It

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Emma Snowdon-Jones (December 12, 2011 – Source: PacificCoastNews.com)


By: Michelle Darris

Originally, this article was going to be a recap of New York Fashion Week as told through the many people I met.  But one lovely lady stood out, and to lend her only a few words would have been a great injustice to her tremendous charm and character.  Thus, this piece became hers: meet Emma.


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article on the Denibi ‘17 S/S runway show.  I mentioned a friendly stranger who welcomed me to New York Fashion Week — remember the woman with the blue flip flops?  After stepping gracefully into said flip flops, she invited me to coffee.  I declined, saying that I had to run home to write my article.  I flitted away to the subway station, unaware that I had just passed up coffee with well-known Manhattan socialite, Emma Snowdon-Jones.

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Emma lives the glamorous life of many a childhood dream — swathed in chic designer dresses, she sits front row at the runway shows of those who designed them.  She shared her secret: “You want to stay in good standing with the designers; they’ll loan you the clothes!”  I previously dubbed her a New York Fashion Week veteran, and the label holds; she has been attending New York Fashion Week for the past 7-8 years and attends anywhere from 40 to 50 shows per season.  “You do the math!” she laughed.

Despite her frequent visits to the world of fashion, she does not consider herself a native.  Rather, people consider her a socialite — one who “leverages social position to bring attention to various causes,” she clarified.  Her cause?  CITTA, a charity that helps build schools and hospitals in, as its mission statement describes, “the most economically challenged, geographically remote and/or marginalized communities in the world.”  Raising awareness for CITTA, she uses her social capital as means to a philanthropic end.  “[Donors] want to help people,” she said, “and I just give them a platform to do it.”



Although Emma does not consider herself a part of the fashion industry, she shows a fervent respect for those who do.  She defended designers against the notion that their line of work is leisurely: “They think designers sit in a pad, sketch, and something is made,” she exclaimed.  “They work their asses off until the clothes go onto the runway!”  


Emma also acknowledges the privilege in leading such a captivating life.  “It’s not the world I dreamed of,” she admitted, “but it’s lovely.  I’m really lucky,” she adds.  “A lot of people would kill to be where I am.”  This dazzled journalist is definitely one of them.  But for now, living vicariously through Emma’s stories – perhaps over a cup of coffee next time – will definitely suffice.



If interested in contributing to CITTA in honor of Emma’s birthday, visit her page.


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Turning Down Coffee With a Socialite: The Time I Met Emma Snowdon-Jones and Didn’t Realize It