The Top 3 Places To Buy Jeans

The Top 3 Places To Buy Jeans

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By Hailey Hinton 4/11/2021

Buying denim can be tough, especially when jeans are such a huge make or break to any outfit. Certain styles compliment certain body types; the perfect color and wash are tricky to find; and who wants to wear a pair of uncomfortable jeans? 

The biggest mistake people make when buying jeans is disregarding quality, and buying trendy jeans vs. staple ones. 

For example, someone might buy a pair of jeans that look great and feel great in the moment, but after 3-4 washes are falling apart or totally faded. 

Another example might be people that buy jeans because they’re “cool”, but probably will only wear once or go with one outfit (like jeans with bleach stains, buckles, or any sort of print on them).

And sometimes, people will make both of those mistakes in one buy (ouch)!

The three places below are the best stores to buy jeans from that will help you avoid these mistakes, and that sell complimenting jeans that don’t go out of style.

1. Urban Outfitters BDG

Number one for a reason, Urban Outfitters brand of jeans, BDG, has some of the best pairs of jeans for a totally reasonable price. They have washes from super light, to dark, and they have all kinds of styles like straight leg, skinny, mom, and high rise. Many of the pairs also have a slight stretch to them, which works in many people’s favor. 

2. Levi’s

Levi’s has been a big name since the 80s, the denim is still top notch quality. Although they do have a heftier price tag than Urban Outfitters, the jeans age extremely well, and can easily be passed down. If you want a pair of jeans that will hold up for the longest time, Levi’s are the ones. 

3. Citizens of Humanity

An even bigger price tag than Levis, the jeans by Citizens Of Humanity have proven over and over to be great buys. They are extremely soft, but not in a cheap way. They mold to your body incredibly well, and sell unique styles that can still be worn as staple pieces.

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