Luxury Essentials: Tomorrows Laundry New French Terry Drop

Photo of sweatshirts and t-shirts of Tomorrows Laundry

Luxury Essentials: Tomorrows Laundry New French Terry Drop

By: Caitlyn Garrity / Jan. 29, 2021

Basics don’t have to be of poor quality. With Tomorrow Laundry’s new Lightweight French Terry Tees and Layering hoodies, you can create a wardrobe with sturdy and fashion-forward pieces suiting any outfit.

Tomorrows Laundry: Luxury Essential for Everyone

The word luxury is exclusive to those with lavish lifestyles, or so we think. Tomorrows Laundry is a fashion brand that allows everyday men to afford luxury essentials that become a staple in their closet. Their clothes while simple, are made with high-quality materials and processes that give their essentials a longer lifetime. You can purchase items individually on their website or subscribe to a monthly box where you get high-quality essentials to your door.

The monthly box is called the Essentials Club and the membership fee is $68 a month plus tax and sub charges. You get free shipping included. In the box, there are 1-2 luxury essentials that are valued at around $120 or more. The box is customizable to your style so you can ensure you get items you will love and enjoy for years to come. If you choose to skip a month or cancel, you can do so at any time with no fuss.

Along with unique purchasing options, the clothes are also ethical and sustainable. Tomorrows Laundry uses minimal packaging and recycled materials for their clothes. Tomorrows Laundry goes by the motto, “We make clothes for keeping, not for landfills.”

Tomorrows Laundry French Terry Collection: Lightweight and Soft

The newest drop from Tomorrows Laundry is their French Terry collection. This collection includes their Classic Essential French Terry Tee, The Modern Essential French Terry Tee and The Lightweight Layering French Terry Hoodie. Made in Lima, Peru, this collection is meant to be quality layering pieces to keep you warm and stylish in luxury pieces.

Available in washed black, washed navy, black and navy, these pieces are sleek and make for the perfect basic in any closet. The pieces range from $80 to $140 and are staples that are worth the cost.

Tees: Classic Fit and Modern Fit

The Classic Fit Tee is meant to be worn for any occasion. Made of 61% Cotton, these pre-shrunk shirts give you a timeless look and a silicon wash allows for the shirt to be ultra-soft against your skin.

Photo of Tomorrows Laundry Classic Fit Tee in Black

Photo via Tomorrows Laundry

Their Modern Fit Tee is more of a crewneck fit with the same material and silicon washing as the Classic Fit. This tee is more for those looking for a modern, fun twist on your regular fitted t-shirt look.

Photo of Modern Fit Tee from Tomorrows Laundry in Navy

Photo via Tomorrows Laundry

Tomorrows Laundry French Terry Hoodie: Cozy and Quality

Also pre-shrunk and washed with silicon for maximum softness, the French Terry Hoodie is perfect for throwing over t-shirts for a classic and cozy look. The sweatshirt features a soft v-cut at the neckline for a sexy and classic take on the average hoodie. With adjustable drawcords and quality material, this layering hoodie is great for all occasions.

Photo of Terry Lightweight Hoodie from Tomorrows Laundry in Washed Navy

Photo via Tomorrows Laundry

Luxury and Sustainable Basics for Everyday Men

Tomorrows Laundry also sells much more options such as scoop necks and pullovers on their website. While the Terry Collection comes in sleek black and navy, they do have more styles available in different colors like white and sage.

It might seem quicker to purchase a plain tee from a fast fashion website, but it is not. Buying from fast fashion does a couple of things. One, oftentimes cheaper clothing is unethically made and is not sustainable. These companies are adding to global pollution and do not provide ways to give back to the environment. The cheap costs come with unethical labor and compromised quality.

Buying a $5 tee might seem like a good deal however, you will not get the kind of quality that will last you years. With Tomorrows Laundry, they focus on ethical and sustainable luxury clothing that is affordable and meant to limit the number of tees and sweatshirts you do buy. When you have a few luxury staples, you do not need much else.

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