Tie-Dye May Be a Trend, But Who Cares? Let’s Embrace it

Tie-Dye May Be a Trend, But Who Cares? Let’s Embrace it

There is no denying it, the 1960’s tie-dye style is making a serious comeback during the quarantine. We have seen celebrities ranging from J Lo to Taylor Swift rocking what seems to be the unofficial uniform of this lockdown. I don’t know about you, but tie-dye gives me spring and summer vibes. Maybe this is because I associate it with the idealistic and free-loving ideals of the ’60s. But should this trend continue now that it is officially September and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back and being served to its loyal followers? My opinion, why not?

Whether you think this tie-dye trend is totally hip or just not your style, there is no denying there is a fun and light-heartedness about this print. Frankly, I think we all need to enjoy the small things in life and take pleasures in the things that make us happy, especially during these unprecedented times. Although I’m not sporting a full set like Hailey Bieber, I still find myself smiling and feeling great when I wear my tie-dye sweatshirt.


If you’re like me and not exactly crafty, your psychedelic print may have arrived in the mail. However, if this quarantined has shown us anything, it is we have a lot of time on our hands. While some people may be developing new skills such as cooking an original recipe or starting a podcast, others are tackling their own crafty looks. We are living through stressful times and if taking out the fabric dye and making your creation brings you joy, who has the right to stop you? Part of the fun involved, especially when you do it yourself, is no look will come out the same. Think of this style as your little way of standing out in a sea of color.e

Now for those naysayers who think this fun print was just for the spring and summer seasons, sorry to say, but it looks like it will continue into the colder months. Designers such as BCBGeneration, Rebecca Minkoff, Sandro and others are capitalizing on the resurgence of the tie-dye print. But hey, if this vibe doesn’t match your aesthetic, don’t worry. We are still technically social distancing, so no one needs to know you’re looking the other way.


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