Tenson: Celebrating 70 Years of Outdoor Fashion Innovation

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Source: Instagram/@tensonusa

By Kylie Rau

February 10, 2021

Tenson was founded by engineer Paul Rydholm in 1951 in the small town of Varberg, Sweden. Rydholm’s goal was to create a small-scale brand of sportswear. From there, the brand began to flourish and is now celebrating 70 years of success, worldwide. 

The brand focuses on making fashionable and functional outdoor and ski clothing, and they continue to push the envelope for new technology. Their most recent item encompasses all of their innovation. 


Source: Instagram/@tensonusa

“It was a jacket that was tested under the most challenging circumstances in order to ensure superior function and comfort,” said Tenson CEO Evert Kruse on the latest piece that the company has been working on. “And upon the release, the Himalaya jacket became a success all over Europe. And it also became known as a Swedish wilderness jacket, and now this jacket has been updated with the latest technology and the latest fabric.”

The Himalaya jacket is Tenson’s latest celebration of their vast history. In 1972, Tenson created this jacket and tested it under extreme circumstances. Now, they have upgraded the materials as well as the design to create a product that would incorporate their history and make a fierce fashion statement in any condition.


Source: Instagram/@tensonusa

“All the fashion came from Europe and it kind of made sense to make functional clothing, and they also have to look good while wearing [the clothing],” Kruse said about the company’s unique fashion sense. 

Tenson expanded to a worldwide corporation over time, and alongside expert entrepreneur Lisa Magneson, Kruse helped to create Tenson USA. The goal of expanding to the United States was to build the brand as well as to be able to distribute the clothing more efficiently. 


Source: Instagram/@tensonusa

“We had so many requests in Europe, for our clothing in the United States, so it just felt natural to open up Tenson USA so we could distribute the clothing faster. It just made sense,” Kruse said.   

Tenson strives to continue breaking the barrier for innovation and fashion, and they hope to continue building their consumer audience and support. 



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Tenson: Celebrating 70 Years of Outdoor Fashion Innovation