Summer 2021 Trend: Clay Rings

Clay Rings displayed on a hand

Summer 2021 Trend: Clay Rings

By: Caitlyn Garrity / April 30, 2021

Y2K fashion and colorful trends have hit the fashion world by storm, especially for this summer. Groovy prints, low-rise pants, unique styles and more recently, funky clay rings are all the rage. Clay rings are not only super unique but a great way to incorporate these new color trends into your wardrobe without having to take too many fashion risks.

Clay rings have been worn by influencers like Suede Brooks and Victoria Paris. This duo is truly bringing a new image to fashion that involves risk-taking and color, which is perfect in time for summer. The idea of playing around with different prints and colors is what these girls do best and accessories like clay rings or beaded necklaces are the perfect finishing touches.

Photo of clay rings on Suede Brooks

Photo: @suedebrooks on Instagram

Photo of Suede Brooks and Victoria Paris together sporting new fashion trends

Photo: @victoriaparis on Instagram

These types of rings tend to be lightweight so although they air on the chunkier side, you likely won’t be irritated by the weight of the ring. Also, since they are not made of metal and usually come sealed with some type of finishing liquid, these rings won’t tarnish like your silver or gold ones can, making them perfect for a summer beach trip or swimming in a pool.

Not only are these clay rings fun and light, but you can also make them yourself using polymer clay. You can buy molds or just play around with the shapes yourself. Wearing DIY jewelry is the easiest way to customize your look to your personality and preferences.

If you aren’t much of a sculpture, many Etsy artists sell them ready to wear in many different colors and styles.

3 Pack Clay Rings for $12 here

Photo of Clay Rings on Etsy

Photo: @SmileyStudiosShop on Etsy

Colorful Glazed Clay Rings for $16.99 here

Photo of Clay Rings on Etsy

Photo: @FuranoStudio on Etsy

You can also find ready-to-wear clay rings on Instagram, where a lot of creators are using the app to operate their business through Instagram’s wonderful B2B model. Bloba sells unique clay rings for cheap prices and you can find them here.

Photo of Clay Rings

Photo: @_bloba_ on Instagram

These rings are perfect to add a pop of color to any outfit without committing too much. With so many new fashion trends to try, accessories like clay rings are great starter pieces.

Photo of clay rings

Photo: @clayring on Instagram

They can be subtle or in your face, whatever you desire! With summer approaching, color pops and fun patterns are a fun way to make any outfit exciting. So go ahead by making your own or buying funky, fun clay rings to rock some statement pieces this summer.

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