Shoes for Rainy Days

Shoes for Rainy Days

Although rainy days are the best for staying in, these shoes for rainy days will make adventuring outside a little easier. Whether you are hiking, going to work, or taking your dog for a walk, there is a shoe for everyone. From wet grass, to mud, to puddles, all of these shoes offer a good solution and exceed the traditional rainboot style. There are even shoes for formal evenings that you can wear in the rain without having to worry about them getting ruined!

Shoes by Melissa

As I mentioned, if it is raining and you have a fancier event, shoes by Melissa stop the worry of ruined muddy shoes. These shoes are made form a unique plastic called MELFLEX™, making them 100 percent waterproof! Not only do they have sneaker and boot options, but they also have a large collection of heals and sandals! In addition, the plastic that Melissa shoes are made from is 100 percent recyclable and the brand is 100 percent cruelty free. On most days, especially rainy days, I wear my Melissa shoes and absolutely love them. Not only are they super stylish, but they are very flexible, supportive, and comfortable. Here are some of their trending shoes to shop for!

Mellisa Lady Emme Heel
Melissa Papete Essential + Salinas Sandal
Melissa Coturno Boot –

Shoes by Allbirds

If you are looking for more of a hiking or walking shoe, Allbirds is the best brand to shop at! Their water-proof shoes have great traction for slippery paths and keep your feet dry and warm. The best shoe to check out is their Women’s Wool Runner-up Mizzles. These shoes are in-style and high-top, so you can protect your ankles and feet from mud and puddle splashes. Check out below some of the colors that this style comes in.

Shoes by Vessi

For some good everyday sneakers, Vessi is committed to making 100 percent water-proof shoes that allow people to be more active instead of clunky rain boots. Their Women’s and Men’s Everyday Classic is a great shoe for the rain! It comes in so many different colors and are simple and clean, so they go with any outfit you want to wear!

In short, instead of staying in on rainy days, adventure outside with these shoes brands. Get excited for rainy days with these styles that give you the boost you want to stay active!

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