No. 3 Presents Bianca Popp

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The next showcased designer from No. 3 Magazine was Paris based fashion label Bianca Popp.


The SS17 collection titled ‘Disruptive Dreams,’ was inspired by “the nostalgia of living somewhere else- the town girl dreaming of living in the country, the country girl dreaming of living in the city, neither giving up who they are… They meet in the middle, in a place where all their decisions collide and convolute, a place that is not one nor the other, a place where everything is almost possible.”


With monochromatic colors and structured textured fabric, Popp’s line seemed to focus on the lines that shaped each piece. With wrapping details, the simple design took a new shape and added highlights and shadow to bring out details in simplicity.


The models walked the runway in flat metallic sandals, or some with no footwear at all. With brands like Yeezy bringing such simplicity back to the fashion world, I can see how Bianca Popp is channeling the new.


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