Model Monday’s: Models of the Year: 2016

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This year we highlighted some of the most amazing models in the industry who accomplished so much during the year 2016.  Here is a round up of all the models that made it to Model Monday’s.


Jayden Robinson

Signed w/ Trump Model Management

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Wallette Watson

Signed w/  Q Model Management, Wilhelmina Model Management, and  The Squad

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Conrad Bromfield

Signed w/ U Model Management, Ford Models, Elite ParisBOOM Models AgencyWhy Not Model ManagementPremier Model Management, and UNIQUE DENMARK

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Sarah Kaufmann

Signed w/Major Model Management and Wilhelmina Models

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Ilse De Boer

Signed w/  IMG Model Management

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Alyssah Ali

Signed w/  IMG Model Management

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Dakota Moore

Signed w/ Q Model Management and Wilhelmina Miami

They always want to hear about the ways you’ve been broken as if they came to save you Instead, show them all the pieces you’ve picked up and what a weapon you’ve made of yourself And warn them that when it’s over, they’ll be the only one that needs...

Snow Dollkinson

Signed w/  Q Model Management

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Djenice Duarte

Signed w/ Wilhelmina, Supreme, Monster, and Boss

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Janiece Dilone

Signed w/ OMIT Model Management, Viva, and DNA Models

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Somalia Knight

Signed w/  OMIT Model Management, STATE NY, and Milk in London

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Model Monday’s: Models of the Year: 2016