Millennial Launch Party

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Despite only being defined as “a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000” by Webster, I can tell you, us millennials are much more than that.  And, staying true to breaking definitions, fashion brand Millennial, launched its premier line of clothing this weekend.

I had the pleasure of meeting with founder and designer, Carolina Cordon-Bouzan along with college friends and brand partners, Marla Espenschied and Mariel Pica as they showcased their line of elevated athleisurewear.  (Pictured above left to right).


Carolina described the Millennial generation itself as an inspiration behind her line saying, “I was out doing some market research on plain white tees. I looked at all the price tags being $100 and I thought  ‘this is so expensive’. I decided we needed t-shirts that spoke to our generation, that were still great quality but more price accessible. ” She went on to say “Our generation is all about breaking barriers and gender norms”, which would explain why the line is not only fabulously fashionable but also unisex and sustainable (I see you vegan leather jacket with USB cord #leduh).


The brand truly delivers an elevation to on-the-go plain white tee’s and sweats, and the ladies behind the brand are an extension of what I wish I could see more of in the fashion industry.  With drinks, shopping and a ‘Build Your Own Swag Bag’ station, the launch seemed to be a huge success and I know my closet loves the new pieces I picked up that night.


Check them out on their website or follow them on social media @Millennial_NYC, you’ll be glad you did!


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Fashion Illustrators: Danielle Meder and Samantha Hahn
Millennial Launch Party