Bridal Fashion Week Mark Zunino

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Mark Zunino showed his Bridal Collection on 390 E Broadway. East is very different then west in New York and perhaps mistaking the two is like sending a text meant for your boyfriend to your mom #awks . Fortunately for me and undoubtedly a few others, the show started late in true fashion week fashion.

Variations on sleeves are the trend du jour on the street so it was nice to see that carry over into this seasons bridal collections. “A bride is a bride is a bride everywhere” said Mark Zunino with a post show glow (usually reserved for models, moms and yoga babes). With that said, his gowns did come across as varied and without a singular origin so mission accomplished there. Most often shows tell a story and unless you’re the designer it can prove difficult to track. Runway garments reflect that story and when its something as broad as the collective style of brides from different corners of the world the range is seemingly endless. Mark Zunino showed us that range through this collection and I enjoyed getting a glimpse of where he’s been and quite possibly where he’s going on his next trip abroad. It doesn’t begin and end here, the sequel to this bridal story should be an interesting read.

On an honest beauty vibe I wasn’t keen on the orange eye shadow around the eye and cheekbone but maybe the mood board for this look included a still of a manicured bride with cheetos dust on her finger tips. For your perusing pleasure I’ve included some of the looks (courtesy of The Impression) below.



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Bridal Fashion Week Mark Zunino