Lisa N. Hoang S/S 17 Collection

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This year I had the privilege to cover Lisa N. Hoang S/S 17 Fashion Show. Now Lisa N. J Hoang is one of the top emerging designer’s to date so I knew that I would see a great collection from her. One piece in particular that I loved from her was this blue top with the straps going around the neck and across the shoulder blade with a see through skirt with flowers attached to it showing the white pants. That can be seen in the image below.


Image result for lisa n hoang ss17


The next piece that I liked from her collection was an all black see through dress and from the back you could see the dress drape down to the floor. That was was an amazing  piece.


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Lisa N. Hoang SS 17 Collection was something to see. Every piece left me in awe and I look forward to see more of her collection. Also if you want to see more from Lisa N. Hoang you can go to her website and purchase one of these beautiful pieces.




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Lisa N. Hoang S/S 17 Collection