Pretty Woman Swimwear?!

Pretty Woman Swimwear?!

Pretty Woman Swimwear


Does this Hunza G ring a bell? This swimsuit line flooded your feeds at one point. A few summers ago, like 2017. Do you remember the swimsuit that was one size, but fit all? Hunza G first created the first swimsuit for all.

Their crinkled and crimp material worked! The purpose and resaon why they stood out is because of, exactly that! Each swimsuit was made purposely to fit, one size. This material flattered every woman’s shape. Hunza G made it possible for a bathing suit to fit and flatter every woman, no matter their shape. Equally important, Hunza G was best known for their role in the film, Pretty Woman.

The Designer + Pretty Woman

I’m not sure about you, but I love the iconic Julia Roberts movie, Pretty Woman. In the 80’s, Hunza G had been around to help with wardrobe. That sexy, blue, and super revealing half crop top/ half skirt mini dress. It was constantly covered up with a hoodie. You know what I’m talking about? The top half was white and bottom half was a blue bottom dress. It also had a silver hoop in the center, connecting the two pieces. Yeah, that was Hunza G. The film, Pretty Woman did and continues to contribute to the brand’s success. It seems the movie also continues to inspire the designer. After the film, Hunza G, had been quite under the radar. Until recently. It seems since 2017 they’ve made a comeback!

Julia Roberts was spotted in Sydney, Australia wearing the swimsuit version of her famous bubblegum pink dress (wore on the cover of the movie). Which of course was designed by Hunza G. Last year, the brand even re-designed a similar Pretty Woman dress that is now available to purchase! In fact Hunza G used the same fabric as the iconic dress she designer years ago.

The swimsuit is designed to slim the body. Much like shown in the image to your left. As you can see Julia Roberts looks as if she hadn’t aged. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the film and would love some cute memorabilia. Here’s your chance.

Where Can I Purchase?

You are able to purchase any of these items on the Hunza G website. More recently, Net-A-Porter carries this line on their website. They even added different color variations for some fun.


The dress is selling for $245, the swimsuit for $230 and Roberts’ iconic bubblegum pink one-piece is priced at $205.

Photo: @netaporter
Photo: @netaporter

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