Hilary Macmillan X The Birds Papaya Collaboration

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Canadian designer Hilary Macmillan is releasing a joint collaboration with creator Sarah Nicole Landry, known as The Birds Papaya. The collection features a varsity jacket in adult and youth sizes. It will be an extension of Hilary Macmillan’s varsity collection. It will launch on MacMillan’s website on April 19th, 2021. 

The varsity jacket comes in light pink and black and has “Not made to one subtle” written on the back. It is selling for $13o USD for adults and $80 USD for youths. It goes for $165 CAD for adults and $100 CAD for youths, It is releasing in advance for Mother’s Day, which is evident in the collection photos.

Hillary Macmillan is a cruelty-free womenswear brand that was founded in 2013. The brand prides itself on being size inclusive, with some clothing items going up to a size 4X.

The brand is donating a portion of sales from their Varsity Jacket Collection to charity Up With Woman and organization Black Women in Motion. Up With Woman is a charity that helps homeless and at-risk women get back on their feet. Black Women in Motion is a youth-led organization that “Supports the advancement of black womxn and survivors of sexual violence.”

Sarah Nicole Landry or, The Birds Papaya, is a mom,  blogger, and body confidence advocate. On her blog and podcast The Papaya Podcast, Landry discusses a variety of topics including motherhood, body positivity, divorce, and other aspects of her life. She named her blog The Birds Papaya after her daughters, who go by nicknames Birdie and Papaya.

“ I came across the words “not made to be subtle” and felt it in my bones. So, when I discovered Hilary MacMillan and met her at a pop-up in my hometown, I’ve adored & supported her work since! To now be in collaboration feels so special. These Varsity jackets worn by me, my children, my friends… is a reminder to all of us to not minimize ourselves, our dreams, and our greatness in this walk we call life,” said Landry about the collection.

Individuals can join the waitlist for the collaboration now. 


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