“BRADY” Takeover

“BRADY” Takeover

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The National Football League has arguably taken over the sporting industry in America. The Super Bowl is currently the most-watched broadcasted game with 114.1 million viewers. Therefore, the business for NFL players is growing more than ever on and off the field.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is preparing for his twenty-third season with seven Super Bowl rings to show for it. Tom has continued his success by officially launching his new “BRADY” brand of clothing. The BRADY brand is reported to offer high-quality tops, dress pants, and joggers for men. Also, outerwear and accessories to match your style.

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Therefore, the BRADY brand took three years before its first product line was launched in January of 2022. Tom posted a video via Instagram saying, “I am proud to bring this to all you guys looking for clothing that performs all across your daily active lives”. This brand is aimed at young men looking for comfort. So, Tom signed ten athletes, nine of them still in college, to support his campaign. Tom made a post on Instagram stating, “Partnering with these young athletes has been one of the most rewarding parts of this entire @bradybrand process. I can’t wait to see you all rocking BRADY in the wild”.

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The BRADY brand hopes to bring together collective experience in sports, design, and manufacturing. Golf is a key force in the product line. The clothes come largely in soft, earth tones, and feature items fans could imagine Brady wearing off the field. The website is separated into six categories; news, shop, train, live, golf, and run. The Train category carries breathable tees, sweats, socks, and shorts. On the other hand, Live contains bombers, vests, structured pants, and sweaters for Tom’s everyday living items. The BRADY Instagram page is loaded with athletes and trainers performing in BRADY clothing. “I really want to do a full, lifestyle brand,” Brady says. “In my life, it’s football in the morning, and I train, But then I’m home and I do family things…. different parts of the collection put things on and they’d feel really comfortable, look good, fit good, and would fit for whatever occasion.”

Tom Brady continues to shock the world on and off the field!

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