Blue Moon Bikinis: Made for Students by a Student

Blue Moon Bikini: photo of tan and white bikinis on a tan background

Blue Moon Bikinis: Made for Students by a Student

By: Caitlyn Garrity/ January 18,2020

Avery Mills, a first-year freshman at Florida State University, is showing her peers that a part-time job is not the only way to make it through college. Mills started, owns and operates Blue Moon Bikinis, a swimwear company and as a full-time student, that is impressive.

Behind the Brand: Avery Mills

Avery Mills photographed in a blue bikini on a beach

Photo via @avemillsss on Instagram

According to the, Mills grew up in Tampa, FL and that is the place where Blue Moon Bikinis began. Being from Florida, Mills spends a lot of her time on the beach and being in a swimsuit. During the pandemic, out of boredom, Mills took up sewing and attempting to create her own swimsuits. It was when she realized that the quality of her hand-sewn bikinis was equal to the ones she has bought from stores, that she started selling to close friends. After success in close circles, she took to social media and gave Blue Moon Bikinis the chance to become a real business.

What is Blue Moon Bikinis?

Photo via @bluemoonbikinis on Instagram

Blue Moon Bikinis is a small swimwear brand that offers trendy pieces to wear on the beach. The selection is limited for now, with bikinis available in white, mocha, onyx, Caribbean (light blue), Pacific (deep blue) and Atlantic (patterned blue). However, there are different cuts of tops and bottoms to choose from. With Allegra bottoms that are a regular rise, cheeky cut and high-rise Dune bottoms, you can find a style that suits your liking. As for the tops, they are not padded but they are double-lined. Each piece is sold separately. Although simple, these bikinis are easy to mix and match to customize the perfect beach day outfit.

The swimwear itself is in-style and reflects the simplicity trend that fashion is currently seeing. With trends like muted colors, simple fabrics and gold jewelry, these bikinis are perfect for a fashion-forward ensemble for a pool or beach trip. The high-rise and cheekier cuts are becoming increasingly popular and you can see them all over Instagram on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Alexis Ren and Sofia Jamora.


Girl wearing Blue Moon Bikini in blue

Photo via @bluemoonbikinis on Instagram

Blue Moon Bikinis: Sustainable Swimwear

Mill’s swimwear brand is not only a student-owned small business but it is a sustainable one as well. The material she uses for her bikinis is ECONYL, a regenerated nylon made from ocean waste. Every bikini is hand-sewn and sustainable, meaning customers are not purchasing items that required new resources. What makes Blue Moon Bikinis different than other swimwear brands is the fact that Mills, someone just starting her brand, places great importance on making her products sustainable.

Sustainability is hard to achieve seeing as non-recycled and non-sustainable materials are far cheaper and easier to access. So Mills’ eco-friendly efforts combined with the quality of her swimwear definitely makes Blue Moon Bikinis a company to look out for and support. After all, if you are going to be submerging your bikini into the ocean, it might as well benefit the environment rather than take from it.

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