Where To Get The Best Quality, Trendy Loungewear

Where To Get The Best Quality, Trendy Loungewear

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By Hailey Hinton 4/27/2021

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, loungewear now more than ever has been in. It’s totally acceptable to wear it out, and even encouraged. We can thank celebrities like Bella Hadid, Em Rata, and Hailey Bieber for that. 

While loungewear can be bought almost anywhere, sometimes the quality isn’t that great. If you start to look at loungewear like a nice pair of jeans (quality over quantity), it will most definitely last in the long run, and it looks more stylish.

These are the top 3 places to purchase loungewear from where the pieces are top notch, stylish, and can be worn on lazy days, or even city nights. 

1. TNA Sweatfleece from – Aritzia

Photo via. Aritzia

TNA Sweatfleece by Aritzia is to die for. The pieces are not only so soft, but great quality. There are tons and tons of neutral and unique colors to choose from, and there are multiple styles of loungewear—like shorts, sweats, zip-ups, pullovers, and cropped hoodies.

The price of these pieces reflects the quality, but you will live in these pieces. 

2. Los Angeles Apparel

Photo via Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel sells basics with tons of different colors as well, and it is reasonably priced. You can even choose pieces by the weight of the fabric (i.e., heavyweight or midweight sweatshirts). Their pieces are stylish and practical.

3. Brandy Melville 

Photo via Brandy Melville

Known for their basic pieces that are fun yet simple, Brandy Melville is no stranger to good loungewear. The quality is thick and warm, and comfy enough to wear around the house, but stylish enough to wear on the streets.

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