3 Reasons Why Coach is Making A Comeback This Year

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3 Reasons Why Coach is Making A Comeback This Year

Photos via. Coach

By Hailey Hinton 3/21/2021

Like most brands in fashion, trends come and go. Take a brand like Champion for example: it used to be sold in Walmart, now a sweatshirt is $45+, because it’s the trendy athleisure brand to own. In a few years, it will be something else. Needless to say, Coach is here to stay.

Coach is known for their genuine, leather bags that are timeless pieces. The big trend for Coach in the late 2000s was the bags with the logos on them–sometimes even the colorful ones. And yes, everyone had a version of one.

While their items have always been beautiful, they gave themselves a mini makeover with their new spring bags–and boy did they step it up. 

TikTok and other social media platforms are going crazy over Coach, and here’s 3 reasons they’re making a comeback this year.

1. The Bags Are Millennial and Gen Z Friendly

Before, I wouldn’t say that Coach had that many Gen Z friendly bags that were trendy, but also considered timeless bags, turning a lot of potential buyers away. Take something like the pillow tabby that is both of those things, and you bring in a whole new crowd of people.

2. The Colors Are Fun

With the fashion aesthetic of 2021 being bright and bold, the color choices for their collections are spot on. Bright greens and bright pinks steal the show while still being timeless.

3. They Are Affordable and Timeless

Sure, some pieces are more on the pricey side, but nothing compared to most designer brands. For real buttery leather and a timeless classic, spending around $500 for a bag is actually justifiable if you’re going to use it for years to come.

If only Juicy Couture could be next–that would really make 2021 a good year.

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