Romantic Films to Enjoy on a Safe Valentine’s Day

Romantic Films to Enjoy on a Safe Valentine’s Day

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COVID-19 ruins most romantic plans for Valentine’s Day. Instead of going out to dinner, spend a night in with some takeout and watch a movie. Here are some classic rom-coms to watch with your significant other.

“To All the Boys” Series

Netflix premiered the final movie in its “To All the Boys” series on Feb. 12. The three films follow Lara Jean Covey as she deals with the ups and downs of high school, including her relationship with Peter Kavinsky, played by Noah Centineo. Kavinsky and Covey’s relationship is insanely adorable, so the series is a great addition to your Valentine’s Day weekend.


“Her,” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, is a futuristic love story between a man and his artificial-intelligence assistant. While it is an unconventional love story, “Her explores interesting concepts of romance and reality. The 2013 film was nominated for multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globes.


With “Her” giving a futuristic side of romance, “Atonement” balances it out. The film is set in the years leading up to World War II. “Atonement” tells the story of Cecilia Tallis and Robbie Turner, two childhood friends-turned-lovers played by Kiera Knightley and James McAvoy. The Ian McEwan novel of the same name provides the inspiration for the film.

“The Half of It”

“The Half of It” is a fun, teenage film follows the story of Ellie Chu and Paul Munsky. Munsky enlists Chu’s help to win the heart of a girl in their school, but Chu starts to fall in love with her as well. The movie is endearing, awkward and lovable and has great themes, including the relationship between an immigrant parent and their child. While “The Half of It” does not entirely focus on romance, it is an adorable film and a must-watch.

No matter who you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day with this year, treat yourself to a feel-good, entertaining film.

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