Youtuber Ifueko Igbinovia: From Publicist to Public Personality

Photo of Ifueko Igbinovia

Youtuber Ifueko Igbinovia: From Publicist to Public Personality

By: Caitlyn Garrity / April 12, 2021

For some, working as a corporate publicist is the end goal. For Ifueko Igbinovia, it was just the start of her career. The New Jersey native has devoted her professional life to working with personalities while allowing hers to shine through her work. With a Youtube channel that highlights her eccentric personality and her day-to-day life, Igbinovia uses her background to set the tone for her work today.

Ifueko Igbinovia: Before the Youtube Channel

Working for Universal Motown Records, Igbinovia focused on studying public relations for a variety of celebrities. It was not long after when the record company saw the potential in her that she was converted into a radio personality for Clubzone FM.

With the radio channel, she interviewed many celebrities like Jim Jones, Ty Hunter, Safaree, Mason Eromosele and more. Becoming a publicist and journalist was just the start for Igbinovia. She began to acquire her own clientele and began to dive into the work of brand and media building.

Photo of Jim Jones and Ifueko Igbinovia

Photo via Ifueko Igbinovia

By building solid foundations with celebrities and social media, she started her Youtube channel in 2018 and has been very transparent, showing off a witty personality to hundreds of followers.

Her Rebranding

Being a journalist takes personality and the innate ability to capture someone’s light. While Igbinovia succeeds in this as a journalist, she also has that light herself. As shown in her many Youtube videos, “Living in My Mind,” her eccentric personality essentially grabs the audience through the screen.

With nearly 1,000 followers, her videos focus on reviews, vlogs, storytimes and more unique content. On Aug. 18, 2018, she posted a video titled, “Brand Ambassador Scams On Instagram,” which got 74,000 views.

Igbinovia not only is herself online, but she encourages others to do the same. With her hashtag, #JudgeMeAnyways, she always inspires and encourages her followers to live life as they would, without fear of judgment.

Photo of Ifueko Igbinovia

Photo via @Fueko_xoxo on Instagram

Igbinovia embraces her eccentricity by speaking with her higher self “Star”. This “character” of the channel is Star “Ifueko is Star Power; Star Power is she,” where Star Power is her inner thoughts. The witty combination of transparency and bluntness has created a vast following for the channel.

In addition to her growing popularity online she was selected as a social media influencer for Forbes “Women’s Summit” and AT&T “Dream In Black”

Photo of Ifueko on instagram

Photo via @fueko_xoxo on Instagram

Whether you follow along with her Youtube channel or keep up with her new ideas on Instagram, Igbinovia is on her way to a larger internet presence and it is not something you’ll want to miss.

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