The Creative Collective NYC Presents Virtual Black History Exhibit

Flyer for The Creative Collective Black History exhibit

The Creative Collective NYC Presents Virtual Black History Exhibit

The Creative Collective NYC is an institution that is dedicated to creating and sharing different opportunities for people of color. The Collective is known for organizing various networking opportunities and events in order to produce chances for people of color to learn about and gain entrance into their aspiring career paths. Their largest and most populous event, CultureCon, consists of panels and breakout sessions that feature various innovators that have excelled in their chosen career fields. Presently, in order to celebrate Black History month, The Creative Collective has put together an exhibit titled “BLK HST: Reclaiming Our Stories.” 

“BLK HST: Reclaiming Our Stories” is a three room exhibit that showcases different African American figures who had a large effect on our culture. Some of these figures include Cheryl Browne Hollingsworth, Basquiat and Dr. Percy Julian. Underneath their initial Instagram post about the event, the Collective stated “Although all of the unique stories in the exhibit might not be often heard, their contributions should be honored.” The showing is completely virtual and is free to the public as long as you are registered for a ticket. 

In addition to The Creative Collective, there were a few other organizations that aided in making this exhibit a reality. The exhibit was curated by BLK HST, designed by School of Space and was built on Arium 3D video chat.

The exhibit officially opened to the public on February 17 and is still open for visits. In order to get tickets to visit the exhibit, you can go to the Instagram pages of The Creative Collective NYC or BLK HST and click on the link in either of their bios. Once you are registered, you will receive an email confirming the registration and also included in the email are the link to gain entrance and instructions on how to maneuver throughout the showcase.

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