Eye Shadow Palettes for Chilly Weather

Eye Shadow Palettes for Chilly Weather

As the temperature drops and tree leaves change, it’s time to switch to eye shadow palettes for chilly weather. Use the nature around you as your inspiration for eye makeup! Whether you choose red, orange, and yellow hues to match the leaves, cool blues and greys to align with sky, or a smokey eye design for spooky season, they are all beautiful styles during the fall season. You might even want to incorporate a more colorful pallet and become the sunshine of early sunsets. Here are the best eye shadow palettes to check out for all of these fall styles

Fall Leaves Palette

First, the Patrick TA Major Dimension Eyeshadow Palette is a great option for blending into fall leaves. The array of orange and red hues create eyeshadow looks that are ideal for fall. This palette is bold, but not too much and great for an everyday look. If fall is your favorite season and you really want to jump into the season, this is the palette to try out.

Cool Sky Palette

If your favorite part of fall is the shift to cooler blue and grey skies, then the Gucci Gorgeous Flora Eyeshadow Palette is great to check out! The balance of blues and purples with natural tones feels like what the sky on fall chilly nights looks like. What is even better is that the palette case itself is also gorgeously decorated with floral. So, even in fall you can keep the essence of spring and summer flowers in your home.

Smokey Eye Palette

For some people, spooky season is the symbol for fall. If you are one of these people, the Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow Palette creates a great smokey eye. If you are a new user of eyeshadow, this palette is also fantastic because it labels the best eyelid placements for each of the colors. Nothing gives off a more witchy Halloween vibe than a sparkly smokey eye.

Colorful Palette

Personally, when chilly weather comes around, I like to take this opportunity to bring back more color! The Natasha Denona Pastel Eyeshadow Palette is my favorite palette because it has so many colors and the eyeshadow is super pigmented and long-lasting. Colorful eye shadow palettes for chilly weather bring in some sunshine and color for those colder days! Find the eye shadow palette that represents your favorite aspect of fall!

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