Fall 2022 Nail Trends

Fall 2022 Nail Trends

Whether you are someone who likes to go full out or keep your nails more reserved, these fall nail trends offer something for everyone. As summer comes to an end, for some that means the end of pastel nails and a shift to darker colours. Below are some of the up-and-coming nail trends you should try!

Best Style and Colour Schemes for Fall Nails

Now is the best time to try out the almond shape style if you are someone who loves long nails. Nothing gives off a more “spooky season” vibe then this style. The best colors to jump into the fall season are orange, brown, red, and purple. With almond shape nails you can go for full coverage of these colors or try out some of these new designs!

My personal favorite is switching up the white French tip style with a black! These nails are simple and clean, while they still represent your Halloween excitement! 

Best Fall 2022 Nail Brands

If you are looking for the best long-lasting polish brands, my personal favorites are Oliver & June, OPI, Sinful Colors, Sundays, and Pear Nova. These brands have an incredible array of fall colours and range from pricing of $9 to $18 per nail polish bottle.

Chillhouse Tips

For someone who loves to have their nails done but is looking for a more affordable and easy upkeep this fall, Chillhouse is the place to go! Based in Soho and also online, you can buy your favorite nail tips for $16 per set. I cannot rave enough about how easily applicable and long-lasting these nails are! The best is that they are reusable, and each set comes with its own buffer, file, glue, and cuticle stick. Here is what they have in stock for this fall!

In short, leave your summer pastels behind and prepare for fall with the designs and colours work best for you!

Featured Image Source: https://www.countryliving.com/life/g28622926/fall-nail-designs/

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