Masego And Don Toliver Perform On “The Late Late Show With James Gordon”

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On February 23, both Masego and Don Toliver appeared on “The Late Late Show With James Gordon” to perform their joint song “Mystery Lady.” The song, which was released as a single on November 13 of last year, is the final single from Masego’s EP “Studying Abroad.” This is the first collaboration between the two and based on how successful it has been received thus far, it surely won’t be the last.

Prior to the performance, James Gordon conducted an interview with the singer about the song and the message behind its lyrics. Masego says in the interview with Gordon that “Mystery Lady” is about “…my mind and my imagination and writing about women I haven’t met yet. It’s kind of just like the smoothness and the longing to meet the woman of my dreams.” This longingness that Masego mentions was reflected throughout the song’s official video (which can be viewed on YouTube). The artist spends his entire time chasing and trying to keep the attention of this mystery girl. 

At the start of this performance, Masego comes right out of the gate playing his saxophone and sets the tone for what is soon to come. The artist then heads over to his beat pad, which he commonly uses in his live shows, and lays the musical foundation for the song. He is unaccompanied by a band and is singing, just like in the video, to a mystery girl who is hidden behind multiple screens. The camera then cuts to Don Toliver who brings this infectious energy while performing his verse.  Both artists put their all into the show and their efforts paid off and resulted in a great show.

Masego’s EP, “Studying Abroad,” currently has more than 43 million global streams and that number continues to increase each day. To listen to “Mystery Lady” by Masego and Don Toliver, it can be streamed on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and Tidal.


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