Kay Flock, Cardi B, Dougie B, and Bory300 Release New Single “Shake It”

Kay Flock, Cardi B, Dougie B, and Bory300 Release New Single “Shake It”

Kay Flock, Cardi B, and Dougie B have released the highly anticipated single “Shake It” that features Bory300. The Bronx rappers came together to create a certified anthem.


The song is a new hit to come from the ‘’sample drill” wave that has taken over New York City’s rap scene. The song samples the chorus of Akon’s “Bananza (Belly Dancer)” and combines it with drill drums. The beat has been used by multiple Bronx drill rappers nevertheless, none have garnered the attention of  “Shake It”.

Photo taken from Dougie B’s instagram dougieb_

Song Content

Flock, Dougie B, and Bory300’s verses consist of what you expect from a drill song. The three talk about their gang lifestyles and what they will do if they confront their enemies in person.

Bory300, Dougie B, and Cardi B at the video shoot for “Shake It”

The original version that was released had a verse from Mula Gzz instead of Cardi B but his verse was removed from this release for reasons unknown. However, even though he held his own with his verse, Cardi B’s memorable feature will have fans not missing Mula Gzz’s participation. The Bronx rapper uses a new flow to talk about how she is not worried or flustered by her haters.

“Broke b---h said she was gon’ touch me, she lying, hakuna matata.”

Kay Flock ‘s reign as the “King of the Bronx”

Though Bronx rappers like Yus Gz and Sha EK are strong contenders for the hottest rapper out of the borough, it seems that Flock still holds the crown. This is a remarkable feat due to Flock being incarcerated for months. On Dec. 23 Flock was arrested for second-degree murder and is currently being held without bail. He has maintained his innocence and his next court is on May 12.

Flock, Cardi B, Dougie B, and Bory300 have a certified banger on their hands with this single. This was perfect timing to release the track because it will certainly rule the radio airways during the summer.

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