Halsey’s “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” IMAX Experience Tells The Brutal Tale Of Pregnancy And Childbirth

Halsey’s “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” IMAX Experience Tells The Brutal Tale Of Pregnancy And Childbirth

The Halsey IMAX experience If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power was first announced in July. The trailer dropped on July 13th and featured various images of Halsey in gorgeous gowns, running through palace halls and forests. However, it quickly gets much darker once we see them being chased through the woods, giving birth on the floor of a wooden shelter, and the death of their husband, the king.

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The film premiered last night on August 25, and follows the story of a freshly widowed queen, who discovers she is pregnant after the death of the king. The hour-long movie was shot entirely in IMAX and features beautiful visuals and wardrobes that immerse the audience in the medieval period. Halsey plays the main role of the young pregnant queen, who has a dark side. While the film is beautifully shot, I do have a few issues.

I wish there had been more dialogue in between songs to move the story along. Yes, it is an album release but the songs feel out of place in the scenery and do not add to the story. It ended up being just an hour-long music video, not really much of an experience. The songs sprinkled throughout the movie were great but didn’t necessarily match what was happening on screen. I believe it would have been more powerful had the film been set up like a musical, and featured Halsey singing their songs versus the album playing in the background.

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Despite this, I do think the film was entertaining and visually interesting. The dark story of pregnancy and motherhood mixes horror with sentiment and brings the audience on an emotional journey that a regular music video could not achieve. The overarching storyline was a powerful, feminist stance on the patriarchal control over women and their bodies. Even though Halsey’s character was executed at the end of the film, they lived on. Showing that they have the real control.


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