Kollar’s Chaotic Perfection NYFW2020

Demonstrating the versatile deconstruction of streetwear, this is Kollar. The NYFW runway show was packed with an angsty vibe that channeled modern wear with the dirty distraught look. Each piece overall easily flowed into the next to display the acid washed renewable line. Only occasional patterns and signs of white that fell into more statement pieces. This line no doubt obtained the sustainable factors of a strong collection. A fashion forward way of rethinking comfort as well as something for everyone. Fluidity is a trend that has struck the runway as well, dispatching the hyper masculine factor. To garnish the show, the use of glittered dark eyed makeup and unique hairstyles. This allowed the men’s line to break the status quo in terms of gender norms. Kollar’s grunge punk take on streetwear gave the audience a blast from the past. While pulling from the 1990’s subculture of underground music mayhem. A brand worn by some of today’s most loved celebrities because of the versatility and edge. Designer David Kollar took only a slight risk with his line, but ended with high praise.


Isadora Kate Barnett


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  • Ashley Giles
    February 11, 2020

    Wow! Beautifully written. Feels like I’m sitting right there watching the whole thing

  • Sef
    February 11, 2020

    Very chic

CUSTO BARCELONA | Autumn / Winter 2020
Kollar’s Chaotic Perfection NYFW2020