Got the Blues: DENIM SOCIETY

Got the Blues: DENIM SOCIETY



Their is no surprise that denim is a must have in our society. Who does not own an article of denim clothing? This Summer I noticed how essential denim became in our society. This Fall it is absolutely essential to have the perfect pair of jeans. Wide leg, cropped, boyfriend, mom, mini skirts, and cut offs are all trending types of denim jeans. Besides bottoms, there are Overalls! Did I say overalls? Yes, overall dresses and jumpsuits are one of this year’s biggest trends. Not only are they are trending they are really fun and flattering.


A must have for this Fall would be a denim jacket. Denim jackets have never really gone out of style, but as of lately, they are back and packing a lot of attitude. Now denim jackets have shearling collars, prints, embroidery, fringe, patches, distress, paintings, and embellishments. On the runways this year denim made a big appearance. Among the runways shows was Faith Connexion x NTMB for Resort 2016 and 2017, and Vetements and Chanel Fall 2016.


Finding the perfect denim piece is all about making it personal. If you want to find the perfect denim piece to add to your Fall wardrobe, I would suggest start by thrift shopping. If you live in New York City like me, try vintage/thrift stores. L train Vintage is my favorite place to shop thrift and vintage for affordable prices. The easiest way to have your denim pieces stand out is to customize it. It could be a fun DIY project to add patches to your denim, paint it, add trims to it like lace or fringe.



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