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5 Stylish Tech Gadgets

If you aren’t unplugging from technology anytime soon, maybe you could use an update. How about checking out the latest, sleekest and fastest gadgets to conveniently get things done. Here are five stylish tech gadgets you can get your little (or big) fingers on.


Kate Spade Bangle Tracker is your personal Siri on your wrist. Provides you with tools to stay stylishly organized, track your steps, sleep, habits and controls music, take selfies, notification alerts and best of all…it never needs charging.


Travel smart, sleek and in style. Raden was built to deliver a seamless travel experience by integrating the latest components in technology. Weight sensors, built in phone chargers, linking your phone and luggage using the Raden app and high quality materials and design to creating a perfect result


This compact yet powerful tool comes with features that puts its in a league of its own. Dyson‘s new beauty uses proprietary intelligent heat to control for shine, frizz defying air for swift drying and precise styling using a microprocessor powered by the digital motor V9. Perfect for untamed thick hair or diffuse curls.


Aldo Wynne Laptop Bag shows off a sleek style with quilted faux leather, punk silver studs, a chic top handle and a pouch for your everyday essentials.


A collaboration between Michael Kors and Fujifilm, this camera captures the creative essence of fashion and photography in one limited edition camera.

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