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Sylvian Hyde | F\W18 Menswear Presentation


Fashion is said to be for the dreamers. And that was just what I encountered at then Sylvian Hyde F\W18 Menswear Presentation. At first, I was like a fashion show at the Fulton street station; They must be crazy. I just went to see the horror. But a horror I was not due for. The models were in your typical presentation style. Men’s fashion, I fell it’s either fashion or commercial or editorial. This collection gave me a combo of all that without over during it.


The styling of the clothes, I feel every model understood the feel and vibe. So often we see a fashion show where clothes are thrown on whoever could fit them. Rather than who embodies the look and feel.


I feel it’s something for everyone here. The day on the beach or just walking down Prince street. Over all very impress. And being it was my last show of men’s week. That is an honorable mention.




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