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Dockers NYC – Fall Winter 2018

Dockers, hit the market in 1986 and became the business casual pant for the local 9-5 as well for those who wanted it to dress relaxed. As menswear became more daring in recent decades, Dockers were perceived as dull, safe and bland. After the showing on March 13th, 2018 it is clear that Dockers has been undergoing a transformation.


Dockers, make khakis that should be the best fit for every day. In the fall of 2018, Dockers bring a full range of perfect fit tops and bottoms. This over all collection is suppose to make every guy, any where and every where to look and feel confident. This season the khaki bottoms come in skinny, slim, taper, classic and straight. These fits are easy wearing and made for man work and live each and everyday. What I took from this collection was these looks are meant to be loved and worn everywhere. The new direction of Dockers is to create khakis to keep people comfortable all year round.










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