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Project Presentation Featuring Designers Michael Bastian, M.Singer, Faherty, and WRK.

This presentation was amazing to say the least. I walked into the Skylight Modern wondering what would be the latest collection from these designer’s.


Michael Bastian’s collection is definitely something I can see myself wearing on a day to day basis. This RTW collection honestly made me want to change my whole wardrobe.

M.Singer’s collection this season is something you could wear on your day off work or when you just want to go on a big vacation and feel relaxed. I enjoyed his collection.


WRK’s collection this season had a casual(I’m going to work, but I’m not going to work hard) feel to it. I appreciated each coat that was worn and the jeans are a must buy.



Faherty’s collection this season made me want to not only just go a cabin and be away with friends, but it also showed how diverse you can be with casual/streetwear. The sweaters and coats were honestly amazing to me.






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