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NYFW :The Shows Seen by Kristen Wiltshire Pt.2

Day 3 of the Shows began at Rolls Royce Chelsea for the Sounds of Fashion X Monster runway show. I really liked the casting for the show, there were many diverse bodies which made for a really thorough  baseline to judge the clothes. All of the models sported large headphones as they walked alongside a Rolls Royce vehicle which was visually bothersome for me. I thought the car sitting there in the middle of the runway impaired visibility for an already over booked showroom. I get that rolls royce is a partner and getting a shot of a model walking in front of that car is the moment all parties were waiting for but for spectators it was just a nuisance. Other then that, the leather jackets looked incredibly cool (too bad it wasn’t vegan leather).

Negris Lebrum SS18 Collection. Classically inspired and grounded in it’s retro representation of the Le Brum woman. (BTW peep me on the right side of  the model with the ultra messy bun).

Day 4:  An early start for Francesca liberatore at 10am. I liked many of the looks that came down the runway but the whole experience was quite bland.



And then some looks just lost me.

The construction of this coat is beautiful but why is that bad poly grey there at the waist and pockets?

Just In case SS18 followed with probably the most interesting show I’ve sat for thus far.

It looks like they took a pattern cue from Death to Tennis who showed at NYFW:M in July.

I followed this up with a post-game at Ego Soleil’s partial collection viewing featuring mimosas.

Disaster struck at the CAAFD runway show when after the wait we were treated to a few musical performances. The songstress was unnecessarily singing renditions of lady gaga songs which were honestly terrible. After that people had quite enough and started leaving the showroom. In order to make it to the Naersi runway show at The American Museum of Natural History I hightailed it out of there right behind Ms. J Alexander.

Designer Xingxing Wu of Naersi went the architectural route for his SS18 collection and it was stunning. Many of the pieces brought to mind the material Parley made out of ocean trash with its wavelike lines.

Anna Letson

Anna Letson

Anna Letson

Anna Letson

Anna Letson

Anna Letson

Fast forward to Day 6 at the Berenik presentation. It was so basic and uninspired but the performers were fearless so shout out to them for braving that space sans air-conditioning for hours. I heard that a few of the models were close to passing out and I believe it, I couldn’t stay in there waiting for the after party to begin and that says a lot.

The last show I attended was the Miguel Vieira show at Pier 59 studios. The models came down the runway so fast that by the time snapchat was ready to record you would have missed 3 looks, In snap’s defence  there wasn’t much to miss. It was unfortunately lack luster and not very well styled but the casting was great so that’s something.

Milan you’re up, and to NY better luck next time.

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