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No. 3 Presents Rozalia Bot SS17

IMG_8798 Rozalia Bot showcased her SS17 collection Monday afternoon, with design after design of flowing femininity. Ruffles, victorian buttons and floral embroideries took the show, proving details make all the difference.


Her stunning spring line showcased 15 dresses, all in bright powerful jewel tones and rich fluorescents. The overall aesthetic was part bohemian, part romantic, part Victorian which combined gave you total powerful woman.


On the beauty front, we saw bold lips and braids for days. Because we all know there’s no one for fly-aways when you are rocking a gown like Bot’s.


I think Rozalia Bot said it best when she described her show. “There is an explosion of romantic sensuality in each of (her) 15 creations…you may even hear the breath of each whispered desire made while bringing to life each dress.”


Looking forward to seeing more from this designer! You can check her out at


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