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Men’s Polo Capsule-Downhill Skier

Downhill Skier. The capsule pays homage to Polo’s iconic winter sensibility from the late eighties and early nineties, with a mix of color-blocking, crests, and downhill skier motifs. This capsule draws inspiration from some of the most collected styles in the 50 year history of Polo, but are reinvented with updated fabrics and silhouettes. The Downhill Skier capsule is a mix of ready to wear updated in construction, fit and styling. The capsule also contains one limited edition piece, the Downhill Skier Polo, attached here. The polo launches exclusively on the POLO app Thursday, 10/11. 

Throughout the ‘80s, Ralph Lauren designed Fall collections that nodded to the styles of the slopes, but in a unique way — technical outerwear printed in primary colors and ski-inspired graphics.
Now, even thirty years later, the graphics are as valuable as ever among collectors and are seeing new life as part of Polo’s Downhill Skier collection for Fall 2018. Steeped in Polo’s ski-inspired collections from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Downhill Skier artfully mixes these vintage Ralph Lauren ski graphics with other archival designs from the era, all used in new ways. The result: a completely new collection of technical jackets, heavy knit sweaters, winter accessories, and more, all with a vintage Polo spirit.



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