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Fashion FOMO? TGR has the Cure

I found myself feeling like i wasn’t consuming enough information on fashion everyday..maybe it’s just fashion FOMO which, now that I think about it may be affecting more people than I originally thought. One day a frock or felt paper boy hat is cool and the next it’s as old news as Kelly Anne conway begging people to buy Ivanka’s collection at Nordstrom. So how do you keep up in this incredibly fickle industry. If your reading this from anywhere outside of NY this can totally apply to you as well/ your welcome to put me on in the comments section below.

  1. Read! Read! Read! This is my number one for a reason, and that is because wether your out in the city or cozied up hygge style with your crystals and turmeric tonic this is absolutely accessible to you. You don’t have to tell a millennial twice to hit the internet for some screen time.

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2. Spend time in LES, Greenwich, Chinatown and Soho where you’ll find assistants scurrying with garment bags and near empty pressed juicery bottles (Roots 1 on tap am i right? ), all the shopping we all wish our credit cards can accommodate and industry insiders lunching, brunching and dishing at Jacks wife Freda. (If you haven’t been..go immediately. If someone else is paying..have the cantaloupe mimosa if it’s on you opt for just the juice sin champagne.)

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3. Lift your head up from doing number 1. (Yes, I realize how that sounds) and look around you. Most times news and relevancy du jour is literally happening in front of your eyes.

As for what to read subscribe to the BOF (Business of Fashion) newsletter (a tip I got from a fashion insider the other day), The Cut, Monocle, The NY Times Fashion section, Popsugar, Goop and Manrepeller (Leandra was super fresh in her Chanel jacket outside of the aforementioned brunch spot on Sunday thus cosigning number 2.) Lastly and most obviously (Yes, It’s time for the shameless self promotion) read The Garnette Report, we keep it real, fresh, and super current for you fashionable pleasure.

If anyone has any other suggestions on what we can read to keep our selves up to date so FOMO doesn’t bare it’s head, drop it like it’s hot in the comments. Bisou Bisou!

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