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3 Stripes Adidas Newest Collaboration

Mark your calendars…Adidas and Alexander Wang are expected to debut their first
collaboration together during NYFW on September 10th 2016.
This is a collaboration that is long overdue. Adidas has been known to work with some pretty
high-end and well known talents in the industry. Such as the likes of: Raf Simon’s, Rick
Owens, and Stella McCartney. However, this specific collaboration could take things to a new
level in sportswear.
For years Wang has had an interest in not only shoes but also sportswear. In the past he’s
talked about never really being involved with sports… “Maybe that’s why they intrigue me.
The technology that goes into that clothing is steps ahead, so it’s always been something I
look towards.” [Adams, Esther. “Alexander Wang Resort”. Vogue.]
It seems Wang has foreshadowed a bit with these plans to launch this type of collection.
Dropping subtle hints over the years. I guess we should’ve expected this from a while ago.

This collaboration is likely to be the talk of the season considering anything Wang touches
turns to gold… better yet black.

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