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Five Products for Curly Hair

Frustrated with taming that frizzy curly hair with cool weather approaching? I’ve got your back with five must-have curly hair products. Those blessed with beautiful curls know that it isn’t always easy to maintain soft spirals, or the perfect coil. Let’s not waste time dreaming about waking up with cascading curls and get into these products that will leave your mane hydrated and beautiful:


Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer

curly hairI absolutely am in love with all things Lush! The natural products and the intensely aromatic scents of all their products has me hooked and my bank account is depressed about it. Lush’s R&B cream is a super thick hydrating moisturizer that will leave your curls defined and well hydrated. This product is ah-mazing! It’s a total life saver for dry, brittle hair, or tight dry curly hair. It also will leave your hair smelling like flowers and oranges. Get it here.




Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque

curly hair

Shea Moisture has slowly been creeping up everywhere in the past year. Their Jamaican Black Castor soap will clear up any skin ailments, and this castor oil based hair masque is perfect for bringing dry damaged hair back to life. This masque will leave hair moisturized for days and clumps curls well and bonus it’s affordable! You can purchase this at Ulta.





Kinky Curly Knot Today

curly hair

Kinky Curly screams “I’m a product for curly hair.” The Knot Today creamy herbal conditioner will detangle those curls allowing you easy to comb hair. This conditioner can be used in the shower or as a leave in conditioner. It’s made with organic ingredients that brings out curl definitions and it’s great for braids or twist-outs overnight. Knot Today will leave hair shiny and frizz-less with a great smell. You can find this here.







Eco Styler

curly hair


Eco Styler is a must have for anyone that wants super defined curls. This styling gel will hold curls and moisturize them at the same time. Eco Styler is an alcohol-free gel that won’t leave curls crunchy. For all those curly haired ladies that struggle with maintaining definition on second day hair, Eco Styler can be used on wet or dry hair and it will hold your curls for up to a week. You can find it here.




DevaCurl Wave Maker

 curly hair

For those ladies with more of a wave and less of a curl. DevaCurl’s Wave Maker will bring life to your hair. This product leaves hair soft and touchable with no frizz and perfect defined waves. It smells fantastic and gives hair great volume. DevaCurl is perfect for either winter or summer as it doesn’t leave hair dry. DevaCurl all around have great products for curly or wavy hair. You can purchase DevaCurl at Ulta.

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