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Vincent Lane

    • Model Monday’s: Senait Gidey

      An amazing beautiful model are the words that come out my mouth as I talk about Senait Gidey. She is signed...

      BeautyVincent LaneJuly 17, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Angela Ruiz

      There’s not enough that I can say about Angela Ruiz. I mean honestly, she is an amazing model, great character, and...

      BeautyVincent LaneJuly 3, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Astrid Rönnborn

      Another model that has caught my eye as of recent is Astrid Rönnborn. Recently she has been featured in presentation’s for...

      BeautyVincent LaneJune 26, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Lydia Atchison

      An amazing model who continues to not only kill the runway, but gets to be apart of some great campaigns as...

      BeautyVincent LaneJune 12, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Alyona Subbotina

      Marie Clarie, Harper’s Bazaar, and SNC Magazine are just a few magazines to name that model Alyona has been featured on...

      BeautyVincent LaneJune 5, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Yusuke Ogasawara

      Yusuke Ogasawara is someone that has been working really hard and deserves a Model Monday’s spotlight. Yusuke, signed with New York...

      FashionVincent LaneMay 22, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Cat Decôme

      Cat Decôme has the look, style, and carries herself as a model that is making her mark in this industry.  Marilyn...

      BeautyVincent LaneMay 15, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Deion Smith

       Now this guy right here has been really making his mark as a model. I have nothing but respect for what...

      UncategorizedVincent LaneMay 8, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Sonny Henty

      Signed with Red Model Management,  Sonny Henty has the look, style, and confidence that comes with being a male model. He...

      BeautyVincent LaneMay 1, 2017
    • Model Monday’s: Imena de Barros

      There are some people that you know are born to become great models, Imena de Barros is one of them. She...

      BeautyVincent LaneApril 24, 2017